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About Standard Tanks

Jay Wolfe Metalwork manufacture a flexible range 9 standard sized metal tanks which can be used for either drinking water, grey water, black water or fuel. All tanks are available in a choice of 3 materials:

  • 304 stainless steel for inland waterway craft
  • 316 stainless steel for sea going craft
  • 5083 marine grade aluminium for all craft

Stainless steel is ideal for all marine tanks due to its durability and corrosion resistance. A favourite choice for fresh water tanks as it doesn’t affect the taste of drinking water.

Aluminium is lighter than stainless steel and is a popular choice for fuel tanks.

What makes Jay Wolfe tanks different?

  • We have developed a universal inspection and fitting system to standardise tank connections.
  • Each tank comes with a standard flange which doubles as an inspection hatch. One of 4 unique fitting systems (for either fresh water, fuel, grey water or black water) is then fitted to simplify the connection process. Click here for more information about the fitting systems.
  • Each tank also has connections for a 1½” bsp filler and 1¼” bsp sender
  • The 200mm (8”) inspection hatch is bigger than those on most standard plastic tanks, allowing for easier access to your tank
  • All external seams are TIG welded by our experienced fabricators using specialist shielding gases and filler wire. This produces strong welds with good penetration and corrosion resistance all but eliminating worries about welds “cracking”
  • Each tank (except 40 & 60 litre) have strategically placed baffles stitch welded on all 4 sides inside the tank give the tank rigidity and structure, as well as reducing the effects of movement inside the tank
  • Each tank is individually pressure tested, and comes plated with a unique serial number ensuring full traceability in the future

CE Marking

Our tanks have gone through rigorous testing, including 25,000 impulse pressure tests, in order to be awarded the CE mark. All 9 sizes of our aluminium and stainless steel standard tanks are CE marked for fuel. Currently our Aluminium tanks can be used for either petrol or diesel and the Stainless Steel versions for diesel. In order to comply with the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) your fuel tank should be CE marked.

All our standard tanks are made in accordance with both ISO 8099 (for black water) and 21487 (for fuel) and so come with the appropriate declaration of conformity. NB Water tanks do not require these certificates.

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